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Mid Summer Eve Alcohol Tea Bomb Mini Bar

Mid Summer Eve Alcohol Tea Bomb Mini Bar

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Made of elderflower, lemon, strawberries and mint, this delicious combination of floral notes plus the sweetness of strawberries and sourness of lemon is the ultimate palate cleanse.


Lemon, Strawberry, Mint & Elderflower.

Pair it with

Gin, Vodka, Tequila, White Rum or Sparkling.

Recommended Mixers

Tonic, Soda Water, Lemonade, Lemon, Lime & Bitters, Ginger Ale or Kombucha.

Ideal for balmy nights and day drinking. Add a Tea Bomb to your G&T or Vodka and soda for a flavour hit you can't get anywhere else.
All packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Teabags are made from biodegradable cornstarch fibre.
* Each foil pouch contains one individual Tea Bomb.

Shelf life is 18 months from the time of opening.

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